Multiple-choice questions

Each questions is stored in its own file (alongside the book’s other content files), and added to the body text with an include tag:

{% include question file="question-03-04" %}

The question file should have this layout:

correct: 1, 4

### A question title

Which of the following is true?

- You should not pick a fight with a Wookiee.
- Picking fights with Wookiees is safe.
- Wookiees love being laughed at.
- Wookiees make loyal companions.

* Wookiees can tear your arm off.
* Wookiees don't shy away from a fight.
* Wookiees are proud and sensitive.
* Wookiees have been known to stick by their friends even in the worst circumstances.

You can have more than one correct answer.